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Diamonds may be the hardest gem but everyday wear and tear can break down even the highest quality jewelry. We have a dedicated and experienced team that works specifically on jewelry repair. Our Goldsmith has decades of experience and a keen eye for perfection. Clean out that old jewelry box and bring in your broken gold pieces so you can start enjoying your fine jewelry pieces just like they were when they were new!

Inherit mom's wedding band but her ring just doesn't fit quite right? Loose weight and need to bring your ring down a few sizes? Our jeweler can make most gold rings to accommodate any size. Call or stop by for your custom ring sizing!

If you've ever lost a stone, you know the overwhelming shock that follows. Don't risk losing a family heirloom because of neglecting proper care for your jewelry. Over time the gold that holds those precious stones in place can wear down and it puts your stone at risk of falling out. It's good practice to have your jewelry re-tipped and prongs adjusted. Bring your jewelry and rings in and we can advise the condition of your rings. 

Do you like your ring but don't love it? Give it a makeover by adding texture to your gold. Our jeweler can add the very popular brushed finish or hammered texture to your old wedding band or ring. It will look brand new but still have that sentimental value! Feeling artistic? Add multiple textures to your jewelry to give it depth!

If you're like most people, you wear your jewelry at all different types of occasions. Everyday wear can cause your diamonds, gems, and gold to loose its luster. We offer a full range of cleaning and detailing services for your jewelry. 

We don't pass our marketing costs on to our customers so we can provide you quality diamonds, rings, and services to our customers without the outrageously high prices. If you are looking for a great deal and get the quality jewelry and services you deserve, stop by and see us! 

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