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Diamond Jim’s offers jewelry appraisals by GIA Certified Gemologists. Our team has years of experience appraising thousands of items. We pride ourselves in quality customer service and building relationships with each of our clients. Diamond Jim’s offers expert evaluation and appraisals of all types of jewelry and loose stones. 

With years of combined experience in appraisal services, as well as buying, selling, and trading jewelry, we make it a point to approach each report with diligence and care to ensure industry trends and items are up-to-date with current market prices. 

Appraising Jewelry

Invaluable Resource

Appraising Jewelry

Jewelry appraisals are important documents if your jewelry ever becomes lost, damaged, or stolen. Additional examples include but are not limited to: 

  • Determining the replacement value of your item for insurance purposes.

  • Confirming the quality or value of recently purchased jewelry.

  • Formulating a re-sale price for your items. 

  • Evaluating and pricing estate property.

  • Determining the value of jewelry for divorce court or similar circumstances.

  • Supporting documents for reports of damaged items. 

  • Updating an old appraisal to reflect the current market.

Other Information

In order for us to expedite our review process, any of the following information would be beneficial, but not necessary, for your appraisal: 

  • Previous Reports (Lab or Grading)

  • Previous Appraisal Reports

  • Receipt of Purchase

  • Repair Information

  • Any other pertinent documentation relating to your item(s). 

Appraisal prices may vary depending on quantity of items to be evaluated. Standard appraisals range from $60 - $75 per item. Invoice to be paid at time of service. 

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